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Aviation and Aerospace Law

Aerolaw Offices PLLC is a private aviation and aerospace firm based in Fort Lauderdale FL. At Aerolaw Offices you can expect that your legal representative will fully research, analyze and defend your case while providing expert guidance and consultations. The goal is to protect your interests and help you secure a favorable outcome whenever possible.

When your license, reputation and financial security are on the line, you need legal representation from someone with intricate knowledge of the aviation industry. Aerolaw Offices PLLC specializes in Aviation and Aerospace rather than spreading our education, experience and research into a variety of industries. You can rest easy knowing that your legal counsel will go the extra mile to zealously protect your interests when you face your obstacles.

Your legal counsel would have a diverse range of skills and a thorough understanding of aviation law. He will represent you in the following scenarios plus many more:

  • Defending flight privileges
  • FAA inspections and defenses
  • ALJ appeals
  • NTSB Board appeals
  • Property damage
  • Insurance claims
  • Aircraft accidents
  • Aviation employment law

Your legal counsel would have a diverse range of skills and a thorough understanding of aviation law. Those skills allow the counsel to respond promptly and efficiently to a wide range of cases involving all areas of aviation and aerospace law. Whether you lost a loved one in an airplane accident or you have a legal issue that threatens your ability to take flight, Aerolaw Offices PLLC has the resources that you need to thoroughly investigate, negotiate, litigate and manage the case from start to finish.


To learn more about our aviation and aerospace law services, contact Aerolaw Offices PLLC at 954-641-2220. The faster your legal representative can learn about your case, the faster he can implement a plan of action that protects and defends your interests.

Aircraft Transactions

Legal representation can make a significant difference in the outcome of all aircraft transactions. Substantial amounts of money are involved as well as your time, safety, reputation and profitability. Whether you are the one giving up or receiving the money, you want to make sure that every deal is fair and legal.

Aerolaw Offices PLLC understands the fine details involved in a variety of transactions common to the aerospace and aviation industries. Ahmed Faruqui has handled a diverse range of cases and is familiar with the legal and financial nuances that can throw even the most experienced aviation professional or enthusiast off track.

With the proper guidance, you will understand everything that happens from the early negotiations to the exchange of finances and goods. You are more likely to experience a smooth transaction if you have a legal representative standing behind you from the beginning. If disputes do erupt during or after the transaction, your legal representative will step in to defend your interests and protect your assets as well as your integrity and peace of mind.

If you need assistance with any of the following aircraft transactions, contact Aerolaw Offices PLLC, Fort Lauderdale, FL:

  • Aircraft Purchase –When buying or selling it is always best to get assistance from an aviation legal professional during contract negotiation.
  • Aircraft Sales – Whether you are selling a personal aircraft one time or regularly sell aircraft as a broker, you can count on your legal representative to assist you from initial negotiations to closing. Get what you deserve while treating your buyer/user fair and protecting your reputation and financial interests.
  • Aircraft Leasing – Your legal representative can also help you understand the terms of a leasing deal and negotiate favorable terms. Aerolaw Offices PLLC’s experience extends to both sides of the deal, with a deep understanding of the provisions and terms that are most likely to lead to disputes and financial setbacks in the long term.
  • Fractional Purchase or SaleSelecting the right fractional share program is often confusing, and there are many ways to make mistakes that you will later regret. Your legal representative will help you understand all terms of the deal so that you make the best investment possible.
  • Block and Joint Use Negotiations – Do you want to purchase or sell blocks of time in your aircraft? What about sharing the use of an aircraft? These arrangements are convenient for many pilots as well as aircraft owners, but it is important to negotiate terms that are mutually beneficial.

Contact Aerolaw Offices PLLC today at 954-­641-­2220, to discuss your next transaction in detail

Administrative Enforcement Actions

Prompt action is essential when you are facing any issue related to noncompliance with FAA regulations. You may understand the urgency of your situation as an aerospace or aviation professional, but you likely don’t know what actions to take in order to protect your interests. That is why you should contact the legal professional at Aerolaw Offices PLLC in Fort Lauderdale, FL, as soon as you are aware of administrative enforcement actions that could impact you financially or professionally.

Securing experienced legal representation and taking advantage of early procedures will give you the best chance of resolving the case quickly and favorably. We can help you present your case to the FAA through early procedures, which are often informal and less stressful than procedures that might come later.

With strong evidence and in-­depth understanding of all regulations, Aerolaw Offices PLLC can help you resolve all compliance problems with minimal damage to your finances, reputation and professional privileges. The certificate actions and violation assessments can be stressful. they can interfere with your health and quality of life if you face them alone, but you always have a dedicated professional on your side when Aerolaw Offices gets involved.

Are you facing civil penalty actions? Fines can go up to $50,000 for individuals or up to $400,000 for larger entities. The good news is that you may not have to absorb the financial damage if you allow your legal representative to apply his expertise in FAA enforcement actions to your case. Aerolaw Offices PLLC knows the law and its application to the aviation industry well. Also, has the resources to quickly assess and appeal your case and does not rest until you receive the vigorous and thorough defense that you deserve.

It is important to understand the motivation behind any administrative enforcement actions issued by the FAA. Sometimes actions are ordered in an effort to gain further information or to investigate an incident in more depth. In other cases, the actions are punitive or are designed to prevent potential dangers to yourself or others. Aerolaw Offices PLLC can help you understand what is behind the action so that you can respond in the most effective manner.

If you are currently stressed by any type of administrative enforcement action, your dedicated legal representative is waiting for your call in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Contact us at 954-641-2220 today.

Aviation Litigation

All businesses and individuals in the aviation and aerospace industries will benefit from maintaining close working relationships with a team of litigation professionals. There are endless opportunities for catastrophic loss when it comes to the ownership, sale, lease or operation of any type of aircraft. The vulnerabilities and risks are substantial, but the experienced aviation litigation professional can help protect your interests from the office in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Aerolaw Offices PLLC understands all aspects of the aerospace and aviation industries and is dedicated to doing what is necessary to thoroughly defend your interests regardless of the severity of charges.

Litigation cases are often highly complex, which means that they come with a lot of stress and many opportunities for costly missteps. If you don’t have a dedicated aviation litigator on your side, you are likely to come out on the wrong side of the case. You may also endure unnecessarily long court cases that drag out with significant financial consequences.

When you partner with Aerolaw Offices, everything possible will be done to end each case as quickly and favorably as possible in order to to protect your reputation as well as your financial standing. The goal is to take on the difficult, time-consuming tasks that are required to successfully process any type of civil litigation case in the aviation industry. In turn it allows you to handle your business and enjoy your life with less worry and as little hassle as possible.

If you are aware of a litigation case that could impact you in the near future, now is the time to contact Aerolaw Office PLLC at 954-­641-­2220. Prompt attention to the matter could give you the upper hand in court. It may even allow you to prevent court altogether.